1. Must be currently employed as an animal control/management/welfare investigator or officer who is responsible for the enforcement of animal laws, ordinances, regulations, or State Statutes and is a bona fide employee of and receives a salary from a National, State, County or Municipal government, a political subdivision thereof, or are contracted or has a formal agreement with an agency to provide animal control/management/welfare enforcement services for a governmental entity within the State of Colorado.

  2. Must submit on department letterhead the requirement of twenty hours of continuing education related to the field of Animal Control/Welfare for the past two years. The officer’s immediate supervisor must sign letter.

  3. Must submit a renewal fee. Set by an agreement between the Colorado Department of Agriculture and the Association.

If renewal qualifications are not met within the 60 (sixty) days following expiration of an officer’s State Certification, they will be required to re-take the State Certification exam.